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I want my kids to be able to get into whatever college they finally decide really fits them. Needless to say, this has made homeschooling high school a bit nerve racking for me! Most 9th graders really have no idea what the recommended items are for college admissions, which leaves it up to us to become the Guidance Counselors.

First, there really is no one “right” way to homeschool high school, heading to college. It really should vary, depending upon your child’s interests and strengths and also depending upon the college they aspire to. One result of the increased acceptance of homeschooling, is that many colleges have implemented procedures for homeschooled student applications – which has lost us some flexibility. For example, many of the highly selective colleges now require homeschoolers to submit scores from SAT subject tests (like an SAT subject test in US History). Some colleges are flexible and will accept AP scores, or college credit from PSEO classes instead, but not all of them will. Sometimes I think it was easier back when homeschoolers were a unique oddity in college admissions offices!

So, first some general resources for homeschooling high school into college:

PSEO is a wonderful opportunity for Minnesota high school Juniors and Seniors to take college courses free. Regardless of which college PSEO is taken at, PSEO courses can give your child:

  • outside grades for a college to evaluate,
  • recommendation letter opportunities from their professors for their college applications,
  • class offerings that may be difficult to do at home, like foreign languages and science lab courses
  • and experience in the college classroom environment.

In most cases, PSEO courses will also give your child a headstart in accumulating college credits, allowing them to shorten their road to college graduation.

hs2coll   This yahoo group email list is the best place to get answers on curricula, college applications, tests (AP, SAT, SAT IIs, ACTs, etc.), specific colleges, and other “Homeschooling 2 College” type of questions.

Homeschool workshop: Taking the Panic out of High School Home Education   This workshop at SouthHeights co-op in Burnsville was excellent and one of the most helpful presentations I’ve been to. The deadline for registering for this year’s workshop is THIS Thursday, May 12th! (Note: Although SouthHeights is a Christian organization, I felt completely welcome (I am not Christian), and did not feel significantly out of place. I was taken aback at the initial “Let’s pray”, and excused myself to use the bathroom, and then simply waited in the hallway until the prayer was over. The rest of the seminar was fine, however, as the material they present is not religious, nor did it come with religious overtones.)

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